5 Best Apps For Learning New Skills

5 Best Apps For Learning New Skills: In today’s time, learning new skills has become not only a hobby but also necessary, because it becomes necessary for you to learn new skills to make your career and get promotion in the job. Therefore, today we have brought 5 Best Apps For Learning New Skills for you to learn skills. Apps from which you can reach new heights in your career by learning skills.

5 Best Apps For Learning New Skills

Today we are going to talk about the 5 Best Apps For Learning New Skills, from those apps you can learn skills like web development, content writing, SEO, new language, business planning, coding, money management. Which is a trending skill in today’s time, with the help of which making a career becomes easier. So let us know about these apps in detail one by one.

  • Udemy
  • Duolingo
  • Google Primer
  • Simplilearn
  • Khan Academy

1. Udemy

With the help of Udemy app, you can learn many types of skills. In this app, you are given other categories like Development, Business, IT & Software, Photography and Video in which different types of courses are available. You can make your career by learning courses like Web Development, App Development, Content Writing, Python and Digital Marketing from this app. Some courses in this app are also free but for advanced courses you will have to enroll in the course with paid version. This app is available on Google Play Store.

2. Duolingo

It is very easy to learn new languages ​​from Duolingo app, with its help you can learn 40 new languages ​​like English, French, Dutch, Hindi, Spanish, etc. This app is absolutely free. In this app, lessons are given to learn each language, by completing which you can easily learn a new language. The interface of this app is very simple and attractive. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

3. Google Primer

Google Primer is an app developed by Google to help you learn skills such as business planning, budgeting and business development. It gives lessons to learn the skill so you can understand it quickly. The app is completely free, available for download from the Google Play Store, and has been downloaded by more than 1 million people to date.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free learning app on which subjects like Math, Science and English are covered through videos and exercises for children of class 1-12. In this app, Maths can be learned easily through puzzles and unit tests. May go. In this app, content is provided in Hindi, English, Gujarati and other regional languages.

5. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the best skill learning app, more than 600 top skills are given on this app. Excellent courses like cybersecurity, SEO, coding are given on this app. On completing these, you will also be provided a certificate so that you can strengthen your resume. This app is available on Google Play Store.

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